To have a good knowledge of the room you sing in makes for a better sound, and to get to know the Nidaros Cathedral is a very exciting experience. No other church in Norway has so many secret pathways, hidden chapels and exciting stories like ours.

Having been an active part of this special sacral room for almost 1000 years, the boys’ choir has even more interesting connections to the cathedral: from the “lektoriet” which in the beginning of the 1100th century was the boys’ choir’s class room to all the stories about where the choirs’ soloists have been standing during the uncoutable concerts the choir has given in the cathedral over the years.

And it is when the boys squeeze through the narrow pathways, up the towers and down to the catacombs, that they catch a glimpse of the utter proudness and the awe for the grand heritage of the cathedral and the boys’ choir they now are a part of: To praise god and to bring joy to the people.