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Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir is deeply gratefull to all our grantors and sponsors. As our partners, they give an invaluable contribution to the choir’s work.

Grants, corporate partnerships and private donations are an invaluable source of support for the education of our talented singers and the choir’s general operations.

Being an official ambassador for the city of Trondheim, the choir’s high concert frequency both home and abroad provide extended reach for our sponsorsThe choir’s high ambitions makes the Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir a suitable partner for companies who also aspire high quality and improvement.

For more information regarding cooperation with Nidarosdomens Boys Choir contact the choir organinsasjon by Mona Grande Lund.

Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir is grateful for the continued support and partnership of its grantors and sponsors.
Generations of boys and their families have benefited from the gifts of funds and guidance received from:

Sponsors 2018:

Licha Stelaus Productions
Chenter Foundation

Den Norske Kirke
Trondheim Kommune

Reitangruppen Den Norske Bank
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